Who can be referred?

Family members and partners of those who misuse substances are just as affected by addiction as the users. They need support in their own right, regardless of whether the substance user is receiving treatment.

Some Space aims to provide support for them in terms of their own recovery and information about what happens when the person whomisuses substances disappears behind the doors of treatment.

Often in treatment structures, substance users and “affected others” are seen as two separate groups with separate treatment pathways and goals. In Some Space, we aim to bridge the divide between these two groups by promoting understanding that there is one shared problem, which needs to be addressed holistically. Once the shared frame of reference is built, then there is the possibility of dialogue and reconciliation.

This process starts as soon as one of the parties accesses Some Space, whether in the midst of addiction and chaos, years into recovery, at the point of abstinence, or even after the death of the substance user. We also work with each client individually or systemically within Tandem interventions.

Any person affected by someone else’s substance use – at present and in the past can be referred:

  • Friends and family members currently affected
  • Clients in recovery from their substance use, who recognise being “affected others” in the past where the effect of such dynamics affects their current recovery (see Squares and Blob model).

To refer someone to our service, please download, complete and send the Some Space Referral form:

Some Space Referral Form.doc Some Space Referral Form.doc
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We provide workshops for groups of professionals, volunteers and others in the borough of Camden who may interact with family members, friends and carers. Follow the link or contact Some Space for more information.