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Read the latest UK Drug Strategy - July 2017.

Family members speak about their experiences (external links)

BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour: Six women tell us what it was like growing up with a parent dependent on alcohol.

I had to learn to love my dad again - once he sobered up by Ronnie Joice in The Guardian.

Life After Rehab: my husband the alcoholic - The Guardian. 

How I lost my dad to alcohol addiction - Charlotte, 27, speaks to BBC Newsbeat about losing her dad during his lifetime.

4 Lessons I Learned About Confronting My Substance Abusing Teen - from Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.

Labour MP Caroline Flint speaks on LBC radio about her mum's alcohol misuse.

How Not to Be a Boy - comedian Robert Webb reads his new book on masculinity, losing his mum, and his dad's alcohol addiction.  

BBC Radio 4 - You and Yours: How have you helped someone overcome their alcohol or drug addiction? On BBC iPlayer.

From a Dark Place: How a Private Eye cartoonist coped with his son's heroin addiction . Article in The Independent.

Relationship Realities - couples affected by family alcohol and drug misuse speak about it affects their relationship.

Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth speaks of life with his alcoholic father.

Liam Byrne, MP, speaks of growing up with an alcoholic father and calls for more help for alcoholics – and their children.

Living with Addiction. Fi Glover hears from three people living with partners in various stages of addiction about how they have coped. BBC iPlayer, and as MP3.

Why shouldn't heroin addicts be punished? Why a brother changed his views on drug policy.

My mother, the cocaine addict by Tara Summers in The Telegraph.

Calum Best on footballer dad George Best's alcohol dependence.

BBC Newsbeat is given rare access to an anonymous support group for the children of alcoholics.

BBC Radio 4's drama, Love In Recovery is set in an AA meeting (BBC iPlayer).

The Archbishop of Canterbury's personal statement about his parents' alcohol use and his childhood - with a link to his mother's statement.

BBC Radio 4 You and YoursHow has your life been changed by other people's drinking? On BBC iPlayer and featuring Adfam's wonderful Chief Exec Vivienne Evans!

Our family members share their stories - What’s it like if mum misuses alcohol? How does Some Space help? "Dee", 21, shares her story.

Some Space and CGL learning

How to love an addict - This article gives you an insight to an "addicted mind", allowing you to understand why it can't "just say No". It also teaches you that it is possible to keep loving your "addicted other" without losing yourself or compromising your boundaries and values. You can learn to love them in a different way. 

Squares and Blob model - Addiction affects the whole family (or relationship), not just a substance user. All become casualties in need of support. Often a child raised around addiction grows up to repeat the pattern. Find out how it happens, and how to stop the pattern repeating itself through generations.

Pandora's Box, aka A Can of Worms - A bit apprehensive about counselling? Worried about losing control or entering some dark, scary territory? This article offers explanations and peace of mind.

Affected by Someone Else's Addiction? A CGL article with tips and sources of support to keep you safe and well.

Supporting children

Help me understand - The Children's Society have compiled a free booklet to support children and young people affected by a parent or carer's alcohol or drug treatment.

People speaking of their own addiction (external links)

Why giving up booze is only half the battle for a recovering alcoholic - John Doran in The Telegraph.

I was an alcoholic mother - Journalist and author Niki Shisler.

How I became a cocaine addict — and how I beat it - Trinny Woodall in The Spectator.

Drinking by 11, alcoholic by 20, sober by 35 - Sarah Hepola's story in The Telegraph.

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. - Jimmy Dean

Adfam has a number of publications for family members, including the updated Journeys booklets - all online for free. Click here.

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