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Sheffield Hallam University is consulting nationwide with family members of people in addiction and recovery from alcohol and other drugs. It aims to document their lives so as to improve national policy and maintain funding to specialist organisations such as Some Space that family members can turn to for information, understanding and support. Watch this space!

AdFam: Information, advice and support for families affected by drugs and alcohol. Links to groups in your area, current projects and research, etc.

BEAD project: A project by AdFam and Cruse, the bereavement charity, supporting people bereaved through alcohol and drugs. Support groups, information, weekly informal social support via phone with trained volunteers.

NACOA – National Association of Children of Alcoholics: Provides information, advice and support for everyone (adults, children, young people) affected by a parent's drinking currently or in the past. Links to local groups.

SMART Family and Friends: Information and weekly online meetings (Monday, 7.30pm – 9.00pm) for those affected by a loved one’s addictive behaviour). You can find the meeting room link in the ‘Family and Friends (Concerned Significant Others)’ Specialised Groups Forum.

There is also an online forum where Family and Friends can chat, ask and respond to questions, share experiences, etc. You need to register a free account with SMART to access meetings and the forum.

The Icarus Trust: Supports people who are dealing with a loved one's addiction. They can put you in touch with 'Family Friends' who are experienced trained volunteers. E-mail:

The Alcohol and Families Alliance: Adfam and Alcohol Concern are working in partnership to lead an Alliance of organisations with an interest in the issues surrounding children and families affected by the use of alcohol. The AFA is a forum and resource for forging consensus, influencing policy, and bringing an informed voice to driving change for these families.

AA and NA Groups for Families

Nar-Anon: Supports anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by someone else’s drug use, regardless of whether that person is still using or not.

Al-Anon: Supports anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by someone else’s drinking, regardless of whether that person is still drinking or not.

Al-Ateen: Part of Al-Anon, for teenage relatives and friends of alcoholics.

Families Anonymous: a world-wide fellowship of family members and friends affected by another’s abuse of mind-altering substances, or related behavioural problems.


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