Are you affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use?

Some Space offers support for those  experiencing difficulties with someone else's addiction

What is Some Space?

We help Camden residents 18 and over who are affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use.

Our service can help family members, partners or friends to regain control over their own life, whether or not the drug or alcohol user is also receiving help.

Why help for you not just for the person misusing substances?

A person's drug or alcohol misuse has a big impact on people close to them. Family members and friends can find that their own health and wellbeing is affected.

People close to someone using drugs or alcohol can find themselves feeling responsible, but unsure how to help. They are often in need of advice and support.

Please see more details in our How We Help section. 

Is this service for you?
  • Is your life made difficult by the drug or alcohol use of someone close to you?

  • Do you feel you don't know what else to do to make them stop?

  • Do you need a safe place to talk about your concerns?

Our service offers "Some Space" where you can find:
  • information and advice about substance misuse and  help available for your loved ones

  • individual support: from one-off meetings to counselling

  • groups and coffee mornings - chat to other family members in a relaxed get-together (available as needed)

  • complementary therapies (curently, mindfulness, ear acupuncture)

Did you know it can be very dangerous to suddenly stop drinking alcohol? See a GP or alcohol service to get support and advice.

‘All I want is some space........'

Some space where I can feel my feelings,
Some space where I can be me,
Some space where I have a voice,
Some space where I can feel free.

Some space where I can relate to others,
Some space where I am heard,
Some space where I don’t feel so alone,
Some space where it’s ok to be scared.

Some space where I feel appreciated,
And it is enough that I am me.
Is there such a place as this?
Yes, there is ‘Some Space’ I can be......

~ by Sandie

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